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Ad of the Month - February 2013
Yorkshire Tea "“Everything stops for tea"” Beattie McGuinness Bungay
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Visual effects work harder than words

Having previously shown us Yorkshire Tea refreshing tea-starved Brits in the USA, the brand is now back on home turf as the star of a cricket tea interval. As it’s Yorkshire, there’'s a brass band playing "“Everything stops for tea”" (of course!). The band all feature tea elements (giant mugs as hats, teapots as flutes...…) and a giant teacup is erected in the cricket field, aided by a team of tea extras (I’'m sure the people dressed up as dancing tea bags will dine out on this one for months!).

The ad is charming and fun, working primarily with the engaging visuals and music. This is the kind of ad that would need particular care in qualitative research - a storyboard or animatic will rarely do justice to the special visual effects created - usually it’'s only when the film is finished that we can fully appreciate the "“wow"” elements that add such a lot to the ad’s impact and appeal.

Showing research respondents other engaging ads dependant on visual effects at storyboard stage as well as in their finished state does help to explain how an ad in research will be developed – a quick but valuable way to get respondents to imagine the way the ad will be created.