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Ad of the Month - July 2013
O2 “"Be more dog”" VCCP

The power of a multi-media “"big idea"”

O2 are faced with the challenge of trying to excite people who are pretty satisfied with their current mobile phone (...…better the devil you know and all that!) to get interested in the new benefits that a new phone and new digital gizmos could offer them.

Clearly, bombarding this audience with yet more pictures of shiny new phones would not spring them out of apathy - it needed something more outside the box - cue a big idea around the benefits of exploring new options - by being more “"dog"” than "“cat"”.

The campaign has some very striking images, so will get impact - in terms of full understanding, it will probably take more examples of what it means to completely deliver the message. One engaging example is a 5 minute film on the O2 website with Dom Joly trying out some amazing new gadgets: Click to view