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Ad of the Month - November 2012
British Gas “"A-Team" CHI & Partners
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Perfect fit with an 80s entertainment vehicle

The 80s TV series that this ad parodies always acted on the side of good and helped the oppressed - how appropriate to use this to appeal to those seeking help to repair plumbing and household appliances!

    The A-Team have particular relevance to the needs of the British Gas service target:
  • The A-Team’'s boundless energy, reflected in the music track, expresses the target audience’'s need for immediate help, now!
  • Their confident and strong tone of voice projects the desire for confidence and reliability in a sea of plumbing difficulties
  • Like the 80s original, the British Gas A-Team acknowledge their customers with quick salutes and look them (the camera) directly in the eye - militaristic gestures aside, the interpretation of this body language is a promise of straightforward communication - another key need experienced by the householder in distress
  • In terms of those who remember the A-Team TV show from the 80s, it offers a strong resonance with those of house-holding age

…..to quote the original A-Team catchphrase, “"don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!”"