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Qualitative focus groups / individual interviews

Qualitative research is an area where real experience makes a critical difference. Experience adds value by understanding the context of the issues, the effect of different types of stimulus material and communicating the findings with clarity and focus in a way that makes it easier for the research users to use them.

For communications studies using TV storyboards, animatics or early stage material, we use sets of existing matched stimulus material and finished ads to help explain the stimulus material to respondents. We are very happy to advise on the suitability of stimulus material.

If a communications campaign spans a range of different media, CSRC will seek to replicate the way the stimulus is exposed to reflect the planned communications mix.

We use visual stimuli to reveal the emotional responses to communication that might otherwise not be voiced.

As most communications are consumed individually, we obtain an individual response before discussion amongst the group.

CSRC has a network of experienced qualitative practitioners in other markets with whom we co-operate for international projects.